Dinosaurs Fell Victim to “Perfect Storm” of Events, Study Posits

Dinosaurs might have survived the asteroid strike that wiped them out if it had taken place slightly earlier or later in time, according to new research conducted in part by the American Museum of Natural History. The study, published today in Biological Reviews, builds a new narrative of the prehistoric creatures'… » 7/28/14 12:01pm 7/28/14 12:01pm

A Look Inside the Big Bone Room

The Big Bone Room at the American Museum of Natural History houses some of the largest items in the Paleontology collection. Its holdings include one of the largest complete limb bones in the world: the 650-pound thigh bone of the long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur Camarasaurus. » 11/06/13 3:27pm 11/06/13 3:27pm

10 Dino Fossils for National Fossil Day

The American Museum of Natural History is home to the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world. What better time to see some of the highlights than National Fossil Day? » 10/16/13 12:47pm 10/16/13 12:47pm

Which Came First: The Bird or the Bird Brain?

New research led by the American Museum of Natural History provides evidence that dinosaurs evolved the brainpower necessary for flight well before they actually took to the air as birds. » 7/31/13 3:01pm 7/31/13 3:01pm